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Parent Committees

At St. Paul Catholic School, our parents have several opportunities to become involved with the goings on at our school. These include many different parent committees. A few of our parent committees are listed below.

Teacher-Parent Guild

The Teacher Parent Guild – or TPG – is comprised of 12 elected parents, a teacher representative and the school principal. Our main focus is to increase the educational and enrichment opportunities available to our children at St. Paul by raising money through various fundraising activities. We decide which fundraisers to hold, solicit volunteers for each fundraiser and ultimately decide how to best spend the money raised.

2016-2017 TPG Members

Antoinette Swikoski - President                                                                  

Carla Wilder - Vice President        

Jennifer Starrs - Secretary                

Allison Bieri -  Treasurer 

Marie Forbes - Hospitality 

Heather Shock - PR/Marketing 

Tricia Wood - PR/Marketing

Gina Bufalino - Auction Liaison 

Sheila London - Enrichment

Jim Bartoletti - School Committee

Alana Marciano - Box Tops Coord.

Melanie Reilly - Fundraising 

Ann Catalano - Teacher Liaison 

Leanne Verderbar - Teacher Liaison 

Bob Gorski - Past President

Mrs. Forsythe - Principal


School Committee

The School Committee is a group of eleven school parents or guardians, plus the principal. The School Committee has two primary functions: (1) to provide an advisory body that reports to the Parish Education Commission, and (2) to develop and recommend policies for St. Paul Catholic School to the Pastor and Principal. Members serve a two-year term, with the option to serve two additional terms.


Please click here to view our Strategic Plan for St. Paul 2011-2016.
Please click here to view the update to our strategic plan, completed in 2012.


2016-2017 School Committee Members

Pastor – Msgr. Patrick Halfpenny                     

Principal – Tina Forsythe   

Chair –  Michael Hindelang        

Vice-Chair – Biz Williamson

Laurie Bilkie-Snyder

Paul Dwaihy 

Tom Forbes 

Therese Gorski

Maureen Juip 

Sharon Kuchta 

Shallene Moyer 

John O’Shea

Andy Schueneman 

TPG Liaison – Jim Bartoletti


Athletic Club

Athletic Director - Mr. Bob Barker

2016-2017 Board Members

Executive Board

John Williamson - President

Larry Reid - Vice President

Dina Desjardins - Secretary

Mike Stiyer - Treasurer

Board Members

Sean Fraser

Brad Fox

Marcia Backer

Daniel Dulworth

Fernando Borrego

Jeff Cook

John Doyle

Kelly English

Laura Sullivan

Mark Reith

Paul Boyer

Michelle Carion